Grand South American Discovery

79 days departing January 3, 2011

Another top request we get is for a voyage around South America, a magical part of the world so many of us ex-seafarers sailed to during the golden age of shipping, aboard ships operated by such famous companies as Royal Mail, Blue Star, PSNC and many, many more, and what wonderful memories we have of those places and those days. Well, just for you…here’s your chance to do it all again because on January 4th, the mv Discovery will leave Barbados on a voyage all the way around South America, calling at exciting places such as the Amazon, Rio, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, the Falklands and then through the majestic Chilean Fjords and round into the Pacifi c side, calling in at further exciting ports such as Valparaiso, Manta and up through the great Panama Canal... the sort of voyage that dreams are made of.

And of course, if you haven’t the time to be able to sail all the way, then just choose the itinerary you want; but now is your chance to see those wonderful places again and, if you haven’t been there before, then believe me, it really is something you shouldn’t miss.

More information coming soon!