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Grand Caribbean Odyssey

December 4, 2010
Grand Caribbean OdysseyGrand Caribbean OdysseyGrand Caribbean OdysseyGrand Caribbean Odyssey

Of all the Maritime Memories Voyages we have taken, the clear favourite is still the Christmas cruise down to South America. There was something truly special about that voyage; the atmosphere on board was everything you could ever want for Christmas; great food, great entertainment, great locations and above all, great company.

So many of you have asked if we could arrange another Christmas Maritime Memories Voyage and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Together with Voyages of Discovery, we have created the perfect itinerary, starting and ending in Barbados and taking us to some of those wonderful and still unspoilt Central American countries. We will also visit some of the lesser visited Islands in the Caribbean such as Curaçao and Aruba. This voyage is rich in adventurous tales, blended cultures, incredible natural diversity, spirited myths and legends, and is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed! I remember the excitement I felt when sailing those waters for the very fi rst time. It was magical and I’m certain it will be this time around as well.

If time is short, we have split this voyage into two different sections, meaning you can simply join us in Havana on the 18 December for the second part of the voyage, which will still take in those fascinating Central American ports.